Introducing Titan

An exciting announcement today brings Titan. A text based game engine built upon Laravel.

Titan spawned from the idea of MCCodes, and since there recent announcement in which they are not continuing development, it leaves a whole to fill. Titan is your go-to solution for building text based games, whatever the genre. Build it yourself or install extensions to put your game together like a Jigsaw.

A full stable release is expected by April, for now this is a development release only and things may change.

The current base of Titan consists of;

  • User Management. Out of the box user management
  • Group Management. Group management allows you to customise what users can do, assign users to a group and permissions to a group to limit access. No need to hard code user levels any more
  • Extensions. Extensions extend the entire application, from user profiles to crimes, from inventory to forums. Anything is possible with extensions
  • Cronjob Management. A lot of games require tasks to be run at a specific time. From your administration panel, you can easily configure cron jobs
  • Authentication. Out of the box handling of registrations, lost password and login.
  • Menu Management. Manage the menus right from the comfort of your administration panel. No more fussing around head deep in code to change a link!

As you can see, the base gives you the essentials to get started, everything else can be added with extensions. There are a few more things planned before a 1.0 release and those include

  • User Stats. Which would allow easy handling of stats for a user
  • User Timers. Some games run on timers rather than energy, this would allow the option
  • Item Management. Easy to use item management to allow you to create, edit, delete items.
  • Inventory. Allow users to have an inventory

I also want to rework how extensions are loaded, I also need to correctly list them from

What Titan isn't

Titan isn't a direct replacement for MCCodes or GRPG. This isn't a straight up out the box solution where you upload and you're done. It does require some work. But it does allow you to build your game and not just be another Torn clone


The marketplace will be coming shortly which will have a display of all the extensions currently available. Eventually users will be able to submit their own extensions.

Join us on Discord

We have our own Discord server if you want to join us there. You can find Titan on Github.

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